Take Charge Of Your Health Today!


Are you one of the millions dealing with the Big Five?

Weight Gain, Fatigue, Depression, GI Problems, Female Hormone Imbalance


Are you frustrated about your health? Then you are not alone.

In today’s world a lack of energy, weight gain, aches, pains and more have become far to common. The search for relief often results in bouncing from Doctor to Doctor and doing your best to educate yourself. Due to the host of misinformation, fad diets, trends, and contradicting advice readily available today improving your health can be a very confusing and overwhelming process.

I eat healthy but I just can’t get my weight under control.

I’m fed up with treating symptoms and “managing” my health issues!

I no longer have the energy to enjoy life like I want to. (and yet I can’t sleep!)

Everything I eat causes gas and bloating!

There is another way

When was the last time you talked to a health professional and felt that they took the time needed and really listened?

I not only take the time necessary for a full assessment, I take a genuine interest in you as a whole person. Getting to know you, your history and your goals is crucial to developing an effective, individualized wellness plan.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of targeting symptoms and allowing underlying problems to linger, my goal as your functional health practitioner is to restore and build true health for your body as a whole.

With the additional use of cutting edge diagnostic tools such as functional lab testing, we will get a more detailed picture and uncover issues and healing opportunities that may have gone previously undetected. We eliminate the guesswork and pinpoint underlying issues that most likely would never be addressed through normal diet and lifestyle changes alone.

Because functional medicine goes deeper than many mainstream approaches in modern medicine, you can expect a different relationship with me as your practitioner.  I’ll be there to support and guide you each step of the way, meeting regularly as together we work to improve your health.

True healing doesn’t come from taking a pill or a supplement. I will educate you about your body, how it works, and how it responds to your behavior and environment. In other words, I will guide you on your functional health journey and empower you to take your health into your own hands.

Private Coaching provides support, knowledge and tools customized to your individual needs. You’ll learn how to make informed decisions and choices that allow you to make lasting changes and enjoy your life to the fullest. Why do we use a Functional approach? Click here

I’ve been to numerous doctors in the last few months and you (Kristen) are the only one that actually did something for me! I’m feeling better for the first time in years.


I no longer have strong aversions or cravings for certain foods. I’m so thankful for your help in finding the major things affecting my health!


What you want:

  • To not have to go it alone
  • To get some real answers
  • To understand WHY you feel this way
  • To stop feeling bad
  • To learn how to take care of yourself, with your own tools
  • To make sense of the overwhelming amount of health information on the internet

What we do:

  • Support you. You do not have to go it alone!
  • Help you understand the underlying causes… and address them!
  • Step by step, we build a toolbox you can use to improve and maintain your health now and for years to come.
  • Sort through the media information overload and determine what is right for YOU.
  • Use practical resources and functional lab testing to understand the root causes of your health challenges.
  • Guide and educate you. Knowledge is power and you have more power over your health than you realize!

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